On the Move, Searching All the Time

All aboard! Now playing in the cinema of your mind’s eye, Timezone LaFontaine projects nine instrumental films that evolve the storied lineage of musical locomotives. “On the Move, Searching All the Time” is an emotional journey through the heart of the 21st century Southern musical landscape: past laptop battles in present day Keep Runnin’, Mississippi… through the old growth forest of Savage Gulf as it transforms to subtle glitch… into the organic digital gardens within north-central Florida’s rock formations… to the dreamlike inaugural ceremony of the Underground Music Hall of Fame in the mythical Nashville subway… carrying a download of fresh Georgian crunk in respendlent resonance with the urban windswells of Carolinian acoustic guitar. This train runs on live bass and true school beats, and takes to the sky in response to the disappearin’ railroad blues. And like any good trip, this one is more transformative than touristy. Artistic integrity, materialism, heartache, race, and the inexorable passage of time are all visible from the observation lounge. “On the Move, Searching All the Time” is your ticket to a one-of-a-kind musical sojourn. Pack light and get ready to ride on the new nighttrain!



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